No Love

Since i was small i always just lived with my mother, sister and stepdad, there were some troubles but never anything immensely huge. I have always tried to give everyone around me the most love as possible but now i have come to a point in which i really doubt whether i should even give love when i feel as if i don’t really receive any back. I understand that this is not the best choice but sometimes it becomes sickening to find that other people are beyond selfish and only seem to dial your number only when there is a major emergency, like i need a ride, I’m stuck somewhere or the infamous i need money. I have become sick of this phantom of lies and have now bowed to stop it. Not in general but just in my life. It might be hard and i admit some days i will cry because my emotions inside will be revealed some of which i wish to hide but i have to ask myself if i don’t stop people from smooching on me then what will i become. Today at 11:12 on the twenty fourth of October i bow to stop “NO LOVE”


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Techno, Love, Drugs

The first time i heard techno i remember the amount of vibration i felt it was like nothing i have ever felt before it was not only a sense of pleasure but a burst of energy. Later i discovered my extreme addiction to this new type of drug very soon i would discover that this new era included many drugs of which i was not familiar with. Suddenly our old English was transformed to rave talk. Ravers is what there called, Raves is where these groups meet and praise their god, Techno. The extreme rave the Daisy Carnival in Los Angeles was witness to the death of a 15 year old girl named sasha it was until then that people began to worry this new era of music was bringing.Its music not drug but the drugs come with it. Techno love, really Techno listeners will enjoy it and others will abuse it. I feel pleasure from this music and enjoyment, Tec NO

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ugh and ugh and ugh

Imagine sitting here doing absolutely nothing just sitting, what do you think, what comes to mind if there is nothing to do. If i only had food, but just ate a small sandwich need way more fuel. I need a good amount of chips and junk food because i am indeed bored, what comes to mind now absolutly nothing just sitting sitting sitting siting.

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Writegirl Offices

Here today at the writegirl offices as a new intern I have seen many works of extraordinary people but i feel very special to be in this room with such hard work people. I am excited for next week when I see Keren Taylor, the one women that started it all and has now had nine season of girls that have been published. I feel lucky to be in this program but this blog is not about that but most of all the skills i have obtained while being in this program. I have found that i have a great passion for writing as well as comedy. My sad typical 18-year-old girl boyfriend girlfriend troubles have been turned from sadness in writing to pure comedy, thanks to my mentor Porter Kelly i have found that not only can I write in different genres but i now have the knowledge to move my writing in any direction I can. thank you writegirl.

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That person i Passed by today, but yet didnt bother to say hi???

What do you do when the most difficult part of life is staying away from the one person you love. I know it’s the most random situation, but believe it or not I see it happening all the time. I love you, you love me but yet we cannot be together, but why????? many times it’s the difference in between friends, family or just naturally displacement of each other. Many times i question this because the word approval appears many times. approval of what society, family, pressure. why is it that we fall for that image, where we must date whether in our ethnicity or in our social group. why not go out of your way to meet someone else a rocker with a hippie, a pretty girl with a skater, why not explore the many people who appear in this earth the many mysterious human beings we pass by but never notice, those people are the wonders and the mysteries of this thing we call earth.

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ill be posting some of my work soon enough………..just wait

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